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B. Kraigherja 8, 2325 Kidricevo; Slovenija

phone: ( old number) 062/749 32 10 or 062/796 781-afternoon

fax: 062/749 32 17 ;



Sleazy snails is a band that performs for eight years in the city Ptuj.It was established after the end of the band Preloma, which in the year1989 produced their only album Inside. This album

was proclaimed for the best "Dark" record of the year in the former Jugoslavia. After the quit of the band Preloma, the guitarist Zlatko Kuret and the drummer Milan Murko invited the bass guitarist Zoran Oresic and the vocalist Ales Njegovan to join the band, so they slowly became the band Sleazy Snails. In the year 1996 they've recorded their first CD. The band performed the concerts in the whole territory of Slovenija and in Austria as well. The harvest was a very good critics for their work.

Sleazy Snails today


In the year 1996 the band changed the vocalist and invited a new vocalist Marwan Al-ayoub and a year later fulfilled the membership with the female vocalist Karmen Zinrajh. With two vocals the band rounded off the specific of his musical expression.

In the year 1998 the band recorded a new material for the CD labeled Mirovanje. The material was recorded in the studio MEGAMIX-Maribor.

At the moment the band is looking for the publisher.

The latest news from the date 01.01.2004 announced that they have changed the singer.There are no more Maruan and a nice little girl but a punk with frequently changing shape of unusually cutting hair: Aljosha Loncarich by his name. At the moment they prepare and record a new album on CD or DVD...




The music of Sleazy Snails is based on interleaving of hard rock, garage rock,...the melodic of guitar, strong rhythm section and the specific of two vocals which gives the band a recogni z able sign.



Play live, that's rock & roll says band. In the past the band performed at all important events and festivals in Slovenija ( Trn fest, No border jam, New rock '93, prvi Zgaga fest, Izstekani na radio student...).They used to play together with the bands like: Blyth power (GB), Phalse prophets (USA), Verve and Smashing Pumpkins-New Rock...



Demo, Live-No Border Jam ( analog cassette ) ;

Sleazy Snails ( CD ) ;

No Border Jam 1 and 2, Naprej/(forward), Smeri razvoja/(directions of development), Zgaga '96 (CD compilations );

Mirovanje ( CD ) ;