Red star


                                               poster Red Star
                                                   Alenka Kuntic
                                                       OKI v Kopru
                                                    punks v parku
             Lui Slavc Gorjup  Amsterdahm 
 Lui was originally inventor and coformer of The Red Star (EU) to be the name of the band. We talk to each other to make a band , so we met us in a cellor  with our borrowed, home made or hardly bought music instruments. It was in the year 1973-1977. Psychedelic rock was popular on the contrary  to the all accepted and established classic,  disco chmee  and native country music; electronic music was appearing to become a choice of a very few strange looking and marginally treated people. Other it was not accepted by official and established institutions. No CDs, no internet at that time. LP (LongPlay) records were showing the way with the music  and cover/sleeve design pictures, photos and paintings of the contemporary artists
In spite of all or on the contrary to the allmighty misleading explanations of Red Star as a symbol of comunism, millitary regime, missused magical sign, acids' shape, with the number of 5, 6, ...9 legs or a symbol of god nows what. Through the reprezentation and exposition of the art it is now clear that the Red Star is, was and remains for all days; the rising sun, our sun at the sunset or sunrise, as a fire, red as wine, red as blood... From east to the west. Wherever your human beeing is walkin'

Original and the prime members of the band : 

                                                                                           Pecenko Dejan : Keyboards
                                                                        Canak Vladimir Tibet : Drums
                                                                                   Klauzer Stane : Flute
                                                                          Gorjup Slavac Alojz Lui : Bas guitar
                                                                                    Oskar Pernarcic Oki : Lead guitar

There were other  people, girls, friends, fans,cooperators that support our intention to be a band. They helped us much with the ideas, love, words, proceed the band like it was. Just to name a few: Kuntic Bojan& Peter, Alenka, Skodlar Milan Koko, Peter Shorgo, Sternad Robert, Natasha, Vesna, Gorjup Branko, Zabukovshek Andrej Andy, Diana Push, Castle, Boza Krajcer, prof.Romih, Vrebesh Julija, Shilchek, papa Joe ...just to name a few. I wish to thank them all. Wish them luck as well..
Later punk, new wave becomes a trend. New bands appeared on the horizon of the rising energies, spaces and creatures of our solarium as it's gonna be and be rised again in the future. ...later cos' we split I had to start  to play with other musicians under the unre label what is now to be a web site domain or was goin' to be a record studio.

Nowadays in the era of internet I've got noticed that there is not only one band  playing music under the Red Star domain. Almost 15- 20 groups can be found all round the globe: Red Star rebbels, Red Star romance from Canada, A Red Star from California, from UK /Leeds you may obtain them many at the

Music and wider art needs a better and treatment and deeper understandments in the consciesness of the simple-minded common people. FIRSTof all IT'S JUST NOT only an entertainment. In music residue the truth of ethernity, music is love -muzika nostra amor, a beeing of his transcendence show us a message through it, the ever lasting and evolving universe can be explained, discussed,explored  within the script called notation which was developed during millenium of ages and is represented as knowledge of music theory.

...but our only wish is remain to be free
free like a bird
a bird that fly
fly through the sky.
I love you


        Oki - Echo Guitar.mp3

        Red Star- PRVI - Guru-Slavc-Oki,.mp3

        R.Star- DRUGI - Guru-Slavc-Oki.mp3

        Red Star- TRETJI - Guru-Slavc-Oki.mp3




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